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Barbara Ann Circle of Friends Dolls

Bear-ful of Memories

Custom designed Memory Bears and Artist Teddy Bears Made from your clothing

Thank you for stopping in.  I have been making dolls since 1994, and when I lost my wonderful mother to complications of Alzheimer's and breast cancer, I began to make Memory Bears.  I started with one for myself.  It brought me great comfort seeing the familiar clothing as a teddy bear, and when I held it in my arms, it somehow made me feel like I had my arms wrapped around my wonderful mom.  It was so therapeutic for me, that I decided to make them for my children, my sister and her children, and our grandchildren. When I gave them to my family, it brought such joy to see them smile, laugh, cry and hug the bears close to their hearts, that I decided this was something that I wanted to do for others.

6 inch Collectable dolls, designed around  your theme