18 inch teddy made from novelty tee shirt

18 inch teddy from

a mother's soft robe


15 inch recycled denim jeans


A 15 inch bear Made from faux fur

 These sweet darlings were recently adopted, and are now living in their permanent homes,

12 inch mink bear


A 18 in mohair teddy for

a baby shower

18 inch teddy from 2 pair of


20 inch beaver fur bear $290.00

15 inch Momma and 8 inch baby from a beaver coat

12 inch mink and fox bear


22 inch teddy made for a little girl from her outgrown baby clothes

10 inch mink bear


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15 inch curly fabric bear


Faux fur 15 inch teddy with beaver fur ears

18 inch recycled denim jeans


An 8 inch teddy made from a mink wrap

20 Inch Mink bear


These artist bears are made from recycled fur coats, clothing, and faux fur and fabric.  They are all fully jointed, with glass eyes.  If you have a fur coat that you are no longer wearing, I would be happy to make a custom bear for you.  Please contact me for details and pricing.

Barbara Ann Studios