Barbara Ann Studios

A beloved bear made from a faux fur vest

A velvet skirt, red blouse and fox trim

made this Christmas darling

A gift for a special little girl, made from her fleece blankey

This sweet pea was made from a black velvet skirt, red jacket, and white cotton pants

This bear was made from the gown a grandma wore to her granddaughter's wedding and a plaid shirt

 I have also developed a Breast Cancer Awareness bear, where 10% of the proceeds of this special bear is donated to cancer research.

Bear-ful of Memories are custom teddy bears that I create especially for you from that special shirt, blouse, pants, skirt, fur coat or any article of clothing that belongs to someone special to you.  Something that brings back wonderful memories of the person it represents.  By making this precious keepsake, you can have it and hold it close to your heart.  A wonderful, treasured reminder of your loved one whenever you see it.  Each bear has glass eyes and is fully jointed. 

A fleecy blanket and denim shirt made 

         this whimsical little fellow            

A suit jacket, and two flowery blouses

           made this little lady  

Dad's plaid shirt and red scarf

            was his favorite

Made from a denim skirt and daisy print blouse

This darling was made from the gown

        worn to her granddaughter's



Mom's favorite house coat

        made this treasure